During the time of loss due to a storm or other disaster can bring most people to their lowest place emotionally. We love what we do because we know that our services will bring positivity to the life of the victims. Hearing stories of the homes that are now destroyed gives us more motivation to make sure we can assist those affected and help them in getting their normal life back. We provide a multitude of services including carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, janitorial cleaning, commercial cleaning, water restoration, mold restoration, fire restoration, strip sealing, waxing floors and more to serve this cause.

Elite Cleaning and Restoration Solutions truly honors our clients and strives hard to keep them satisfied. We are available 24/7 to assist them regarding their concerns and queries and go above and beyond our standards to meet and exceed their expectations. We employee experienced personnel after thorough background checks to ensure their reliability and our client's safety. All our services are insured and any loss incurred due to our crew's negligence will be compensated.

Elite Cleaning and Restoration Solutions is a company grounded by our core values. These principles include integrity, punctuality, compassion and stewardship; all of which lay the foundations of our business. Our staff is thoroughly trained and updated regarding the latest industry practices and are equipped with cutting edge technology and equipment to deliver unparalleled services.